Ahmed Al Maghamis Real Estate Investment and Contracting Company

Ahmed Al Maghamis is a company that promotes real estate in Dubai. The company was started by the famous Australian investor Rod Al Shamroudi. This company is known for its high-end contracts in both the commercial and residential sectors. Most of the time, the company’s projects are financed with Middle Eastern money. However, the company also accepts financing from European banks.

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This company has real estate assets located all over Dubai. The Dubai Gold Market is one of the largest markets for buying and selling of properties. However, the company has its own exclusive strategic alliance with an African gold mining company called Albemar. Both companies aim at raising the value of their real estate investments in Dubai through contracts in real estate and gold market.

Under the management of Ahmed Al Maghamis, this company also manages projects in Middle East. Most of the times, projects undertaken by this firm are residential ones. However, it also develops office buildings in Arab countries, as well. Some of the projects under this division are apartment buildings in Maktoum, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Jumeirah, etc. Apart from residential projects, the company also undertakes shopping malls, hotels, and luxury residential projects in various cities across the globe.

Under the management of Ahmed Al Maghamis, this company also undertakes projects in Australia, where the real estate industry is booming. It undertakes projects in Queensland, Australia. Some of the projects under this division are apartment buildings in Brisbane, Cairns, Melville, New South Wales, Hobart City, Maroochydore, Southport, Tallebudgera, etc. Besides, the company also undertakes projects in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Italy, etc. The real estate division of this company also manages commercial properties. Some of the commercial properties handled by them are condominiums, townhouses, apartments, row homes, executive offices, shopping centers, and others.

One of the major activities handled by Ahmed Al Maghamis Real Estate Investment and Contracting Company is the development of commercial properties. This firm undertakes the task of developing condominiums, townhouses, apartments, and other commercial properties. It ensures that the development process is carried out in a planned manner. During the development stage, the company carries out extensive research on the cost of development, the utility of land, and the legalities involved in the development. The planning process also involves ensuring that the project is environmentally and socially friendly.

The major areas targeted by this company include Downtown Dubai, Burj Al Arab, Emirates Hills, Dubai Festival City, Dubai Sports City, Dubai City, and Dubai Business Bay. These areas have always been considered to be a favourite for investments in real estate. They attract a number of multinational companies and international investors. Apart from being a leading real estate developer in Dubai, Ahmed Al Maghamis also promotes properties for a large number of customers all over the world. Apart from residential properties, this company also promotes commercial properties, but the projects undertaken by it are mainly residential.